PORTLAND VIDEO: Lady Trump Supporter Gets Attacked In Open Streets

There have been protests going on all over America after Donald Trump won the election. This makes absolutely no sense since Trump won the election legally and fair. So for you to protest against a person who won in a fair and democratic process meaning that the majority of the country supported him is complete nonsense. However, when people at these protests become violent that is another level of stupidity. For the people who consider themselves morally superior for not voting for a racist bigoted candidate, since you are so morally superior, RESPECT DEMOCRACY, AND LAW.

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Portland, Oregon, a city infested with radical leftists, has officially lost its collective mind.

As reported by ABC News, an estimated 4,000 protesters hit the streets of the Oregon city Thursday to protest the victory of President-elect Donald Trump. During the ensuing hoopla, the protesters “smashed store windows, lit firecrackers and started a dumpster fire.”

Even worse, they reportedly surrounded an innocent, frightened woman’s car and smashed in her windshield — all because she reportedly tried to drive through the crowd and return home for some sort of emergency.

“Protesters allege that she tried to run over a kid,” a WGWA reporter could be heard saying in a video recording featured below (Warning: Graphic Content). “I can’t agree with that. I was out here, and someone jumped in front of her car as she was slowly trying to drive away.”

Have radical leftists ever cared for truth and facts, though? Of course not.

They only cared about their narrative, which was that Trump’s election would lead to America transforming into a Nazi-like dictatorship replete with internment camps and whatever else — the same narrative the left has pushed every time a Republican has been voted into office since Ronald Reagan’s decisive victory in 1980.

But as Joel B. Pollk wrote for Breitbart, “Trump is not Hitler and never was or will be.”

“Trump’s a flawed but decent man, with a complicated but beautiful, successful family,” he added. “He’s going to be fine.”

Sadly, the liberal lunatics who thrive in Portland function like a hive and are thus incapable of looking beyond their collective groupthink and realizing the truth.

And when mob mentality takes over, what happens? This:

And this as well:

If Trump were already in office, he would no doubt issue a prompt statement condemning these riots and demanding that they stop.

But since Americans must contend with President Barack Obama for another 69 days, they apparently have no other choice but to sit back and watch this madness continue.

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