According to reports from Fox News, an Iraq war veteran was recently asked by his property manager to take down an American flag that he hung from his California apartment for September 11.

“She wanted it to be removed so that it didn’t offend anybody who didn’t believe in the American flag,” April Grossman, the veteran’s wife, told reporters.

April claims that the manager should have worded her request very differently, given that the true issue was in a violation of a safety code that prevented residents from hanging anything from balconies.

“’Could you just take it down, because nothing should be hung from the ceiling,’ and that would’ve been fine,” April continued.

Instead, the residents were told that the flag was “offensive” though management maintains that the word wasn’t meant to be specific to the American flag.

“Our intent was not to offend anyone by enforcing the clearly stated policy within our lease agreement that is understood and agreed to by all residents,” management claimed in a statement.

But many residents believe that the veteran should have been granted an exception, especially given his time serving our country.

“We just wanted to show our support, that’s all,” Grossman concluded.

To comply to with the lease agreement, they have now moved the flag to a pole.