BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Makes Shocking Announcement… Supporters Freak Out

On Tuesday, the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had a campaign event scheduled in North Carolina. However, she failed to appear and postponed the event due to health issues she suffered back in Philadelphia.

“The campaign said the postponement was due to a change in the campaign schedule but did not specify what the change was,” Raleigh station WRAL stated.

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The campaign’s refusal to specify a reason for the abrupt cancellation served only to intensify the conspiracy theories already surrounding the Democrat candidate, and particularly her health.

For instance, a number of people wondered whether the cancellation was tied to what appeared to be Clinton’s eyes having been out-of-sync during a speech in Philadelphia a day earlier.

MedlinePlus described such behavior of the eyes as being consistent with strabismus, “a disorder in which both eyes do not line up in the same direction, so they do not look at the same object at the same time.”

Moreover, the website, which is operated by the United States National Library of Medicine, noted that strabismus was associated with traumatic brain injury, which was exactly what Clinton suffered four years ago when she sustained a concussion in a fall.

Watch the video below and see if you can spot Clinton’s cross-eyed moments:

Was an episode of strabismus what provoked Clinton’s campaign into cancelling her North Carolina experience?

Moreover, was there a connection between her out-of-sync eyes and the theory that she has been suffering from Parkinson’s Disease?

For all we knew, Hillary Clinton was just having an off day. However, it seemed as if almost every other day had become an “off day” for the Democrat candidate.

The health problems of Hillary Clinton seem to only increase, and it is difficult to understand why is she even bothering with her run for the presidency, since she is clearly unfit to run.


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